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See what's being hand-made each week.

Hey, Cameron here! This is where 90% of my new art and projects will be shared. If you'll miss seeing my work on social media this is a great way to keep an eye on what I'm creating for you! Here you can find:

  • The biweekly design blog post and art (Raids)

  • Access to the biweekly newsletter (The Out-Post)

  • Project updates

  • More to come in the future!

Last week (above):

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Join the newsletter.

Get the first 50 pages of my sketchbook, INK1 for free

Sign up for the biweekly newsletter and get nearly half of my artbook for free. Imma be real with you guys. I'm tired of playing by social media's rules. More than that, I'm tired of the endless scrolling I find myself engaged in. I want to develop a more intimate relationship with you, someone who enjoys my work. If you're feeling the same way about social media but don't wan't to miss out on the fresh stuff, I'd love to send you a newsletter, an "Out-Post" every couple weeks or so. It'll have:

  • Drawings 

  • Things that inspired me that week

  • Ideas I'm flirting with

  • Current project updates

  • What I'm learning

  • Other creators that are inspiring me

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Join the raids.

Every week or two I will be updating the blog with "Raids", design challenges I gave myself to keep my skills sharp. If you're a fellow artist, take a crack at them yourself!

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What's up with all this?

I'm looking for a medium of sharing that fits me better than toks and grams. A medium with less comparing, checking, chasing, worrying... a medium with less noise, and more longevity. Something that I can tweak and edit to fit you and me better and better. I want to share what I'm drawing and exploring in a way that just feels more real.

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